Our Story : Alinea

We’re building Alinea to create a new investing experience.

Despite our different backgrounds, we struggled with the same problem. We knew we had to invest our money to build wealth. But, when we tried, we felt intimidated and lost. We had so many questions — What kind of stocks do we invest in? Where do we find accurate information? And quickly realized we’re not alone, our friends were also experiencing the same problem.

We came together in early 2020 to recreate a new investing experience; one without the overload of charts, financial jargon, and pressure of market volatility. We wanted our friends to feel comfortable and informed when investing their money, so we created a new method from start to finish. First, we match you to stocks based on your interests so you can better understand a company. Second, we simplify hard to find research into bite-sized tidbits, so you can evaluate if it’s a good investment. Lastly, we show you the impact of your investment on our environment, society, and workplace. We do the homework, so you can make an informed decision.

Investing becomes less scary with the support of a friend, and that’s why community is core to Alinea. Today, we’re growing the Alinea community to campuses across the country to make sure no one is left behind.

Fast forward a year and investing is the new thing — everyone’s talking about it. But the problem is still there. We’re either not investing or blindly trading stocks. Social media has created a lot of buzz, but accurate information is still hard to find. And for the most part, existing platforms are strongly incentivized to get you to trade no matter the cost.

The word Alinea means a new way of doing something, and marks a new chapter in investing to make it personal, simple, and insightful. We hope you’ll join us on this journey and become a part of a new, inclusive community of investors.



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