I need a financial community. Here’s why you do too.

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Beginning a financial journey of any kind is always difficult. Some start investing and seeking security, others look towards budgeting or independence, and others yet just want to learn more and browse their options. Regardless of specifics, taking the leap is difficult.

The reasons for this include:

1) the sheer number of opinions and resources available all claiming to know the ‘secret to success’ and exactly what you should be doing.

2) the fear of messing up and making seemingly disastrous decisions.

3) the stigma around talking freely about money and being open with it.

The difficulty is exponentially worse for women, who historically have not been as immersed in and in control of finance-related matters.

Money can be confusing, frustrating, and emotional. Much like love. Wouldn’t you want to talk to a trusted friend or family member about love? It’s time for transparency and open conversations in trusted, safe communities.

Because there is no one right path to anything, and as with most things you have to test the waters and stumble a bit, receiving and giving advice as well as sharing personal experiences is the best way to go. You can learn from peers, look at tried-and-tested methods, and finally decide on the best course of action given your own personal situation.

We’ve been brought up to not talk about money, sex, or religion. This view is outdated and like many old-fashioned things needs to be thrown out the window. Let’s attract more women and encourage them to feel empowered, equalizing the gender ratios in traditionally male-dominated sectors of life. Let’s talk about our struggles and failures, celebrate successes, laugh together, and find comfort in our surrounding peers. Let’s seek community.

Community has and always will be one of the core values of Alinea Invest — a judgement-free, lifelong community of strong, likeminded, and supportive women who help each other out on their investment journeys. Alinea’s social trading platform is launching soon, and the community is already growing all over social media. Check us out!

By : Amina Shindy

Source: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/04/27/why-you-should-join-a-money-community-for-financial-support.html

Written by

A lineā — We make responsible investing easy and social. Visit us at http://alinea-invest.com/

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